Project promotion & planning division

Each project is carefully screened through inspections and preparation of the scheme. In order to respond to the various client’s needs a project team is formed with other divisions and the external brains.

strategic support
Project development support
Construction support (headquarters)
Project management
Structuration of scheme
Facility development support
Market research
Facility conceptualization
MD planning
Real estate mediation
M&A company information
Setting of partnership
Business due diligence (Analysis)
Consumer attitudes analysis
Competitors, regional analysis
New business development/VMD planning

Construction Management support

Construction management (CM) is a common business in Europe and America. In the construction industry, CM is generally define from the retailers point of view and is centered on ‹Conception, sale and promotion of goods›. We execute and promote the project in the name of the owner so that both owner and depositary will be guaranteed of the profitability of the project.

Facility master plan
Construction due diligence report
Engineering report
Volume plans
Master schedule
Field survey
Facility development & coordination
Calculation of construction approximate costs
design / construction competition bid rep
Assessment of construction cost
VE,proposition of alternative contractor
Facility completion schedule
Construction schedule
Quality Management
Examination of design contents
Assessment of construction quality
Compliance support
Check application of Law
Compilations of compulsory applications
Surrogate at government offices
Coordination with government offices
Human resources support
Providing specialists of various fields

Product Support

Providing support for commercial facilities opening Mainly in East and South-east Asia (Network and alliances based in Taiwan / Singapore / Shenzhen / Hong Kong)

New furniture proposition
Low cost furniture
Importation of design/regulated furniture
New material proposition
Japanese standard binding goods development at low price
Professional training
Exchange between Japanese and Chinese Technical managers and workers
Overseas expansion support
Overseas commercial facilities opening support
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